Lisa Freinkel Tishman, Ph.D.

Eugene, Oregon


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Mindful Tarot - live online class



$225 tuition fee includes a live one-on-one reading with Lisa, and 6 hours of live class.

Join with a friend, and both receive a 20% discount.  

Limited to 20 students only

THE DETAILS: My "Mindful Tarot” practice merges mindfulness and intuition in order to promote self-compassion, clarity and joy. Designed to be useful for the beginner, as well as for the intermediate and advanced practitioner. Classes promote both self-exploration as well as offer tips that can be used in consultation with clients. Students will investigate  the foundations of both mindfulness practice, and the mandala of the 78 cards of Tarot...  Each class meeting I'll offer new information and tips for reading the cards, and about the science, philosophy and practice of mindfulness. 

LIMITED TO 20 PEOPLE: I keep these classes small, so I can keep you in my mind and heart! Your tuition includes an initial individual reading with me (phone or video conference), and my availability to mentor you on your practice throughout our four weeks together. 

NOT MY FIRST RODEO: A card reader since 1989, a mindfulness teacher for a decade, and a university educator since the mid- 1990s, I know how to make learning fun and transformative.... I promise you a lively and engaging time, and a truly personal class experience.

Questions? Interested in advance registration for the next class offering? 

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