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Upcoming Mindful Tarot Classes

Archetypes of Tarot 

 If you’re intrigued by the idea of archetypes, and would like to know more about how to read archetypal and approach the Tarot as a Mandala of Wholeness, this class will provide the essentials. We'll explore the Jungian notion of archetype, its relevance for the Tarot, and the crucial archetypal structures to consider as you read. Esther will also demonstrate simple, yet powerful reading techniques to unlock the force of archetype in your Tarot practice.

Sessions will be recorded for replay.

Email Esther for notification about dates/time & registration. 

4-Week Class - $125 |
Time/Dates TBA

Marseille for Lovers of the Waite-Smith Tarot 

This workshop is  designed especially for Rider-Waite-Smith readers, and will change your mind about so-called “pip” decks.  Forget about numerology, memorization and esoteric systems. The Tarot de Marseille holds the key to a profound - and profoundly intuitive - approach to Tarot. With her trademark lively lecture style, and plenty of guided readings and demos, Esther will make the Marseille easy. Gain new access to the power of  pips, and energize all your readings. 

Email Esther for notification about date/time & registration. 

Two-hour Zoom workshop, time/date TBD

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