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Guided Practices for Mindful Tarot 

Click on the titles below to play the tracks online in your browser.  You can also right-click and download the audio files directly to your computer. 

Dropping Anchor

10-Minute Awareness of Body and Breath.

Taking a moment, like a ship at safe harbor, to drop anchor in the middle of our busy lives....

Snow Globe

10-Minute Settling Exercise.

Bringing some stillness to our bodies, hearts and minds, here and now.

Pause Meditation

20-minute Time-Out Meditation.

Practicing "S.T.O.P": Stopping, Taking a breath (or Touching something solid); Observing; Proceeding....

Noting Practice

25-Minute Awareness Practice. 

Taking note of embodied sensations, emotions. Practicing "catch-and-release" with each moment-by-moment experience - noting it, and letting it go.


Heart-Opening Meditation

25-Minute Lovingkindness Meditation.

Cultivating more awareness of our feelings - and of our sense of connection to the world. 

Mindful Witness

40-Minute Sitting Meditation. 

Cultivating broad and open awareness of our embodied experience:  including our physical sensations, our emotions, and our thoughts. 


Mindful Stretching

45-minute gentle stretching practice: mindful breathing and movement, with simple yoga poses. Please practice gently & wisely. Be sure to check in with your doctor or physical therapist beforehand, as needed.  (Note: for a 25-minute practice, simply end after the "bird dog" pose.)

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