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Mindful Tarot Retreat: September 4-5, 2021
"Our ability to know exceeds our capacity to explain that ability."
- Peter Struck, scholar of ancient divination. 


Join us for the first ever Mindful Tarot Retreat. 
We'll meet online for eight hours over two days,
exploring the depths and breadth of our intuition.
Sat. 9/4: 9-12 PDT | 12-15:00 EDT | 17-20:00 BST
Sun. 9/5: 8-13:00 PDT | 11-16:00 EDT | 16-21:00 BST

Intuition is a kind of knowing - a knowing that we can't quite explain. It's dark, mysterious.  But intuition is also hidden in plain sight. It's completely everyday. It's simply the shadow side of our conscious knowledge.


A mindful approach to the archetypes of Tarot will help us access, and learn to trust, our own intuitive ways of knowing more fully and completely.  

Intuition is simply the natural radiance of human awareness.
And mindfulness is the key to its growth.


Join us online September 4-5. Our time together will include a joyous mix of instruction, exploration, card-slinging and sharing ... and guided mindfulness and meditation practice. No prior experience required! All are welcome.


I've structured many retreats over the years... and can promise an enriching time. Give a holler if you have questions. Space is very limited. Cost for the "Intuition Retreat" is $175 USD. 


Payment in full is required to reserve your space.

(Due to limited space and resources, payment is nonrefundable after August 27, 2021.)

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