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Enroll for the 2023-24 MTC Cohort

Congratulations! If you're seeing this page, it means that you've already discerned, in consultation with Esther, that this program is a good fit!

(Haven't spoken to E yet? Drop her a note... )  


200+ hours of training - with over 40 structured contact hours and ongoing informal mentoring from Esther. 

Access to a vibrant and growing community of mindful, heartfelt co-travelers in the realm of archetype and alchemy. 

A chance to center yourself and your work.

3 enrollment plans (click to pay/subscribe):

pay-in-full ($1500)

Two $775 installments - every 6 months ($1550 total)

Four $400 installments - every 3 months ($1600 total)

Payment required by May 31, 2023 to join the cohort


NB: Because of the small size and intimate nature of this program, and the importance of meaningful commitment from all participants, enrollment policies are firm. Once the program begins, the deadline for withdrawing with full tuition refund (less $300) is August 1st. After that date, you will be responsible for any outstanding tuition balance. 


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