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MTMP Enrollment & Tuition Options


The Mindful Tarot Mentorship Program offers a structured six-month curriculum in awareness-based Tarot practice. MTMP is anchored by a supportive cohort of peers and individualized guidance from the instructor. Enrollment in MTMP is limited. Due to the nature of the program, a full six-month commitment is expected and opportunities for tuition refund are limited.


  • Full tuition fee (payable in monthly installments, due on the 15th of the month): $930.

  • 30% discounted rate with prepayment: $650.



Payment is required to

reserve your space in the program.


Tuition refund policy:


With prepayment:

  • Before March 15: either 50% cash refund ($325) or full refund in credit toward future services (i.e. classes or readings). 

  • After March 15: refund based on prorated discount tuition rate. 25% cash refund or 75% refund in credit toward future services. 






With installment billing:

  • Before March 15: initial installment can be refunded as credit toward future services (i.e. classes or readings).

  • After March 15: 50% unpaid tuition will be due.

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