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About Esther

Maintaining a wide and open stance in the midst of life's twists is not necessarily easy. Fortunately a growing body of research demonstrates the effectiveness of simple practices in mindfulness and contemplation.

These practices can be learned. With some patience and compassionate support we can become more aware, awake and renewed. Esther provides that support -- offering the tools and resources you need, to help you find your center. 

This business grows out of Esther's twenty-five years as a university educator, designing programs to support the holistic development of her students. She's spent more than two decades honing her skills in mindfulness and contemplative practices. As an interfaith hospital chaplain, she's helped patients, families and staff navigate unthinkable stresses - working the Covid and intensive care units during the height of the pandemic.


Hundreds have graduated from her courses in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR): the gold-standard curriculum for awareness training. She trained with the founding institution for this work (University of Massachusetts' Center for Mindfulness), and is the only certified MBSR instructor in Lane County, Oregon and one of only a small handful of certified instructors in the entire state. As a widely published humanities scholar, she has studied the wisdom traditions of antiquity and the early modern period - work that informs her understanding of archetype and the alchemy of human growth. 


Along with her academic credentials, her certifications in chaplaincy and mindfulness, Esther is also an ordained Zen teacher.

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