Mindful Tarot Certificate Program


Want to wake up your work with Tarot?  

Whether your goal is to support your own buoyancy and growth - or to support others - this certification program will deepen your fluency and confidence. 

Practice at your own pace, with ample one-on-one mentorship and access to a supportive community of like-minded and engaged card slingers. 

Mindful Tarot Practitioners develop a deep understanding of the "mandala" of Tarot: the structural and archetypal unity of Tarot. By mastering structure, practitioners quickly develop superior reading skills - designing and interpreting card "spreads" and deciphering even the most ambiguous card meanings. 

In addition, Mindful Tarot Practitioners learn the foundations of mindfulness: the practice of centered, present-moment awareness to  life as it actually is, right now, all around us. 

Change only begins when we stop trying to fix ourselves.

This is the radical path of acceptance.

The path of mindfulness. The path of awakening.

Practitioners in the certificate program work toward accreditation as Mindful Tarot Consultants (MTCs).


The path to MTC begins with a two-hour reading & consultation with Esther. The program is personalized and completely self-paced. For each practitioner, Esther crafts a program of practice involving mastery in the following 5 areas:


  1. The Mandala of Tarot

  2. The Four Elements

  3. The Story of Tarot (Number, Person and Archetype)

  4. Keywords and Meanings

  5. Reading Fluency  

YouTube video lessons - exclusive for practitioners - will regularly be uploaded to discuss each of the five areas. Monthly "office hours" with Esther are also available free of charge to all practitioners.

When ready, practitioners submit a portfolio that includes: sample spreads and readings; a catalog of personalized card meanings; a capstone project of mindful inquiry and reflection. Esther works personally with all practitioners to develop the portfolio and insure its satisfactory completion.



  • $225 for initial two-hour consultation.

  • Enrollment fee (includes mentorship for 12 months): $225. 

  • Enrollees automatically become members of the Mindful Tarot Community - invited to the Facebook page, the monthly Zoom.

  • $175 for required Mindful Tarot retreat (online) - tentatively scheduled twice a year, in May and October. 

  • $425 upon submission of portfolio (cost covers full review and ongoing mentoring). 

  • Additional private tutoring with Esther available as desired for all practitioners: $60/hour.

  • TOTAL COST for certificate completion: $825 USD + $225 enrollment fee. (Save $125 by paying in advance and in full: just $700 USD + enrollment fee.) 

  • Have you taken a Tarot or Mindfulness class with Esther before? 20% discount for former students.

NOT MY FIRST RODEO: A card reader since the late 1980s, a mindfulness teacher for nearly fifteen years, and a university educator for 25 years, I know how to make learning fun and transformative. Through my YouTube channel, regional Tarot gatherings, online courses and mentorship programs, and in my published writing - I've anchored Tarot learning communities since 2016. My training as a chaplain and dharma teacher means we'll also work together on the deep stuff. I promise you an engaging and meaningful time, and an individualized mentorship experience. By the time you are accredited as an MTC, you'll have developed the gifts and the confidence to fully wake up your Tarot practice.

Questions? Drop me a line - esty@mindfultarot.org