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Helping you find your center -

bringing more awareness, clarity and ease to your life.

What is Contemplative Care? 

Contemplative Care

Contemplative care provides holistic support through awareness-based practices like mindful meditation and movement. Training in these practices helps individuals find their center, harnessing their own innate capacity for wellness and ease.

Contemplative care embraces all belief systems. The awareness practices at the heart of contemplative care are empirical, well-researched and straightforward. They are compatible with a wide range of faith traditions and spiritual orientations, including secular humanism and rationalism.

Calyx Contemplative Care offers three types of support: group classes, customized training, and contemplative guidance. Our services are grounded in our instructor's own contemplative practice, and supported by national board standards for chaplaincy and research-based spiritual care. Our training, research and practice help us meet clients where they are, and to build an integrated contemplative care program that responds to your needs. 

Why "calyx"? 

The calyx is that green leafy whorl at the base of a flower blossom.

It supports and protects the bud before the bloom emerges.

The name seemed right for a practice designed to provide

centering support for individuals and groups.


Specializing in stress reduction, mindfulness training and life path discernment.  

Learn the fundamental principles of mindful awareness in a supportive group setting, through a holistic and structured curriculum.  

We can support your growth toward your short-, medium- and long-term goals. Work to define and refine your individual mindfulness program. A good first step, as well, for those exploring mindfulness teacher training.

Individual sessions use the art and practice of present-moment awareness to help you explore your life’s direction and/or navigate twists and turns on the path.

“MBSR” is the gold standard in mindfulness education, with tens of thousands of graduates worldwide and decades of scientific research attesting to its value for wellness and well-being. A great place to start, or to anchor and refine existing contemplative practices.

Considering a job or career change? Exhausted, disillusioned, aching for change? Struggling to get your team back on track? Work with us to recover bounce and inspiration in the midst of challenging times. Individual or group consultation available.

Awaken your intuitive capacities for healing and awareness. Interactive contemplative guidance and coaching, facilitated by the archetypal imagery and spiritual wisdom of the tarot system. 

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